Sabado, Agosto 24, 2013

Street Style, To The Max

How To Look Good In Street Fashion Trends?

Women can be difficult to buy for some think, but if you are in tune with today's hottest fashions clothing is your best bet. There are few women in the world who are not interested in the clothes they wear. This year, casual wear trumps all other fashion trends. What this means for you as a Christmas shopper is there are only a few key pieces needed to create a great look for any body type. However, it is important to remember that each individual person has their own specific taste and this should be kept in mind while you're shopping.

This classic hat is a seriously distinctive accessory that is immediately recognizable with its lengthwise crease down the crown and pinched in the front on both sides. Originally made of felt, it was very popular in the 1930s, as seen on New York gangsters with their pinstripes and Fedora. It soon made its way into mainstream fashion and the enduring Fedora hat has popped up again and again in the popular movie culture.

Red dresses are the new vogue color this spring. However, if a red dress attracts a little too much attention for your taste than try a red handbag. Red bags are considered a neutral color because they can be carried with so much so they are always in style. Many celebrities favorite handbag is red because it attracts attention without being over the top.

On the other end of the spectrum,  thank the fashion gods that flats are back in style. While platforms make you look taller and thinner, they can also be painful and dangerous (twisting your ankle really hurts and takes a long time to heal). Flats conjure up thoughts of Audrey Hepburn, and make me feel light on my feet. Fashionable and comfortable, now there's an oxymoron to be thankful for!

The pearl necklace can be described as conservatory yet elegant. The white pearls in particular are most women's favorites because they offer style and grace to each outfit that they are worn with. Like the diamond rings, the pearl necklace can be quite expensive but it is something that you will use for a long time and maybe you can pass it on to generations to come.

Huwebes, Agosto 22, 2013

Body piercing? Nah, not for me.

Alternative Metal Trends for Women
Many consumers don't realize it, but body jewelry is nothing new, it has been around for generations. Many people associate piercing and piercing jewelry with current fashion trends because it has become widely accepted among people of all ages and walks of life. It's true that body jewelry is very common right now, but it is something that has been seen throughout time in many different cultures around the world.

Trends can dictate how customers select jewelry but basing your inventory on current trends alone might not be wisest decision a retailer could make. As the common saying goes, "Trends come and go but style lasts forever." Styles and designs grow but if one will notice, stunning details tend to surface every now and again in fashion.

Stainless steel is important because teens can wear this type of jewelry wherever they seem to have an interest in piercing their body without fear of an allergic reaction from metals in the steel alloy. Can you imagine if this subset of the jewelry wearing population were to break out in an allergic reaction from their nose ring, belly ring or nipple piercing rings. It would be pandemonium. Surgical steel is good and cheap for this purpose and is a contemporary metal that teenagers are only too happy to latch onto because their parents don't wear this type of jewelry.

But all hope is not lost because due to its durability, non-reactivity and great style, steel jewelry has gathered a reputation to be the accessory of all seasons. The advantage of jewelry made from stainless steel is its hypoallergenic quality and inert characteristic. Being impervious to chemical reactions, wearing stainless steel accessories will never lead to any discomfort. Also, these same characteristics will protect your accessory from heat, perspiration and dirt, letting you enjoy your awesome style for summer fashion.

Long term or permanent tongue piercing has become extremely popular in modern western society. With high quality surgical steel readily available, barbell style jewelry is usually associated with the emergence of this piercing in the 1980s. It is also noteworthy that the this piercing is not specific to a particular gender and was not developed specifically for just a woman or a man. One of the most common names for tongue piercing jewelry is a tongue ring, which is a misnomer since tongue rings are rarely used in tongue piercings.

Linggo, Agosto 18, 2013

Is It Really Better To Go For Stainless Steel Jewelry?

Stainless Steel, Now In Jewelry?

Stainless steel is very much the same (specifically in visual appearance) to pristine silver, and that certainly is why quite a few opt for it, as it is is more affordable as opposed to the latter. Also, it's more robust as compared to sterling silver and would not defile even in the event it's subjected to the elements for a prolonged time frame. In case of allergies, you should be certain that you would not get one as stainless steel does not possess nickel, a component white gold and sterling silver products generally contain. The metal nickel is
Stainless Steel Necklace
known as a common skin allergen, quite possibly because it is a pretty strong metal (in roughness, that is) . Stainless steel in contrast includes chromium in a really small percentage, little enough to not trigger whatever concerns to the user, but yet adequate enough to forestall rust in the metal.

In regards to visual appearance, it's not very much as glossy as different metals, although that manner of metallic tint it holds helps make the item rather sought after amongst men of all ages. Yup, I am aware it's basically pure personal preference, but due to the fact stainless steel jewelry is less expensive, I'd personally still opt for these.

So To Sum Up:

For starters, prime quality stainless steel barely involves maintenance. It's practically bio-compatible along with anti-allergic qualities. Despite the fact that it's exceptionally more robust towards just about all of metals employed in jewellery, it's absolutely more inexpensive than the majority. As per the style, it's among the finest because of its exclusively gorgeous looks.

In the end, it'll still be up to you, but I'd really recommend one of these. Come 'on, try it!